Rolling Papers

at 10:25 pm on a Thursday night
my lips pucker
to kiss grape flavored rolling papers
because I want to be
the Lonely Smoker
and what does a Lonely Smoker do
at 10:25pm on a Thursday night?

in a backyard
dead and crumpled leaves
a possum scurries past

the moon rises
out of clouds
as my puckered lips
with each new exhale
a mist descends

“tell me what you know about dreams?”

as the mist drapes around my wrists
warming my fingers
inviting me to rest on the trunk
of the neighboring tree
to serenade the moon with my song

“tell me what you know about night terrors”

when a missed text
becomes a missed call

a hand accompanied by a bottle of beer
as the neck
to kiss your lips

the Lonely Smoker
kisses the grape flavored rolling papers
seducing senses

I sleep without warmth

the clouds part
the moon guides


Twenties Educator Brooklyn Born & Raised

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