We Didn’t Make It To 3005

let your hair flow down past your neck
i liked the hombre effect
as i grabbed a handful
i didn’t care if you wanted your heart back

your eyes
closed again
while you clung to your red comforter
i can’t remember the number of lies you told me

was that one too?
mumbled under your breath
it wasn’t because of your asthma –
you said we were through

i threw the comforter
on to the floor with the rest
of our clothes
i kept forgetting you were frail as paper

you preferred it that way
as i kissed the scars i left behind
and felt the contortions of your back – your waist was much farther away –
stop asking me to stay

you already knew
what my answer was
it never changed
your eyes – finally open – told me what to do


Twenties Educator Brooklyn Born & Raised

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