Tempt the Child with Freedom

I know you’ve been hurtin

bellow loudly
smearing the trinkets of your sanity
across the face of the man
you call your father

Sharpen your damn words child –
like that bits
of broken promises
that linger in your
ventricular valves

You want him to know
what he puts you through

You are still human
You are still a child

but he robs you of that
with each word –
fresh rose thorns
taunt your skin
when you beg for something rougher

Suicide ebbs and flows
into the thoughts of the
most beautiful 14 year old
girl I know

And there is nothing
that I can do
to change that

Feed her hope
Feed her praise
Feed her morality
Feed her bravery
Feed her empty nothings

give her everything
but what she craves most

She too
is a prisoner

hit you at 15
and now he mystifies her
with words that evoke

(I can’t bring myself to write it)

The play is reaching the intermission soon
sitting in the nosebleed seats

If I really loved her,
why am I not doing
something meaningful
right now?

Stars, the stuff we’re made of

What happens
when a star falls?

that can’t be right

stars don’t fall
they are born

when a nebula collapses
and traces of hydrogen and helium
condenses to the point where
no other elements
gain permission to enter this romance

and the molecules spin
causing chain reactions
until one moment

a gravitational pull
that allows it to rise out of
the chaos
born from a meteor shower
luminescent heavenly bodies

At one point
a star dies

when the marriage of hydrogen and helium disintegrates
hydrogen packs up everything it owns
and leaves the cluster that
helium and it has called home

helium throws parties
inviting in all elements
and matter
tying to fill the void
that hydrogen left behind

until helium just can’t stand anymore

gravity pulls
because helium let in too much
degenerative matter
that rotted helium
from its very core

until it one day
in the distant eons


This was no ordinary poof
this was a controlled explosion
other systems looked on
as helium
marched over to the center of
its local nebula
and decided to poof so loudly

in a vibrant

display that sent shockwaves
felt throughout all of time
in the hopes that wherever
hydrogen was
it would hear helium’s plea

“Come back Helium”

dashing across universes
skating across starways both milky
and bleak

hydrogen walked into the mess
the torment
helium was causing itself

hydrogen entered that nebula
discharged all other elements
took helium’s hand

“I forgive you”

So don’t tell me that stars
you’re talking about particles
and comets

not the magnificent matter
that you and I
all life is made up of
because we fall

when our elements want a divorce
we fall
but force a resolution so that
we can get back up

We never witness
what we try to emulate fall
because if we saw that
would they be called stars anymore?

We Didn’t Make It To 3005

let your hair flow down past your neck
i liked the hombre effect
as i grabbed a handful
i didn’t care if you wanted your heart back

your eyes
closed again
while you clung to your red comforter
i can’t remember the number of lies you told me

was that one too?
mumbled under your breath
it wasn’t because of your asthma –
you said we were through

i threw the comforter
on to the floor with the rest
of our clothes
i kept forgetting you were frail as paper

you preferred it that way
as i kissed the scars i left behind
and felt the contortions of your back – your waist was much farther away –
stop asking me to stay

you already knew
what my answer was
it never changed
your eyes – finally open – told me what to do