Social Media and Gods

I wish Jesus would answer my text messages.
I wish Buddha could hear my pleas to reach Nirvana faster than I reach for my phone.
I was the Devil was real,
just so we could have a conversation.
I’d ask what he did to piss off God so much
so that I could get her attention
because right now
I need a deity.

I wish I could meditate
enough to unlock all my chakras

I miss when you used to tell me you loved me.
I wish this cup in my hand made me look cooler.

I just wish I was certain
about my maker
being there.
I want to know about
the finality of death.

I just want you to tuck me into bed.
I miss your kisses.
I wish I didn’t delete your numbers and voicemails.

at fifteen
as if I haven’t
that life is
dear Lord
dear Jesus
dear Universe
when I die,
can you
please delete my

Email Accounts
Pictures and Videos
on my computer & phone?

I wonder if I’ll ever be good enough.
I wonder if Jesus heard my last prayer.
I wonder if I was asking for too much again.