Political Conversations – Dark Thoughts Reprise

Born in the era of George Bush –
no child left behind –
an institution created to fuck up the mind
start out with the incentives to get teachers
and students alike to stick to the books
don’t look left or right
what you see in front of you is all you’ll get
kids compete for seats
expressing in interviews at the age of six exactly how they’re unique
my mental hypothesis is that we have all lost it
Bush came in
fucked up the system
dipped out before we saw he robbed us blind
now his only remark
while we reap what he sowed –
“doesn’t bother me because I am fine” –

Do you think the devil will ever catch me?
tired of the color of my face
wonder if this apple you sold me has been laced
with subliminals
that sponsor inequality
racism and classism
when will there be the death of the next -ism that has defined our generation?
put us all in a chokehold
don’t you damn ever think twice
about the direction of your life
the devil is counting down
I sold him my best friend’s soul
and attached an I.O.U.
and when he read it, he said
“I’ll be knocking on your door
very soon.”

I’m wondering if these conversations with God
are valid when I’m this high
it’s only a matter of time
She’s getting closer to wiping my slate clean
freeing me from my sins
promising me that I can see my mother again
or is that just a fallen angel in disguise
fist bump the heavens to find the answers
this isn’t me at a rave
this is me at the church steps
demanding I be let in
for my baptism
Father, I have come to confess my sins
the only thing that I do fear is fear

I want my memory –
thoughts wiped from my mind
quiet the demons
silence them
so that the light at the end of the tunnel
shines brighter than
the sunset on the edge of the cliff
help grown men
stripped of their robes and crowns
discard their worn frowns
plaster smiles against the streets
blazoned in our blood

Explaining Structural Racism to my 7 year old Sister

it’s only 7am so
you can go back to sleep
if you want

Bro, we live in Brooklyn right?

yeah we do


Why is it that other than the kids
why are all the grown ups cleaning ladies and construction workers?

Because those are all the
people from our neck
of the woods who have to
be up
at this time, sis


So then
why is it when we
get past Wall St.
they’re all in

Because they’re on Wall St.
making the money that rules
the world

But why are all of them

I’ll tell you why when we’re
both older
so I’ll be wise
enough to
tell you
but for now

I’ll tell you it has to do with
and eventually
we’ll have our time
like everyone else

it’s only a matter
of time?